Library Presentations and Learning Programs

Library Presentations and Learning Programs

My goals include informative and interesting programs, set up to teach library patrons to navigate the exciting world of DNA testing, information and family trees.

These programs have been very well received and have had very positive feedback from library staff and the participants.

  • DNA Testing companies Pros and Cons, Costs and Features, I cover Y-DNA
    testing and mitochondrial DNA testing as well as autosomal testing. I would go
    over the differences, pros and cons of each type of testing, analysis of data,
    pricing and subscription costs. 
  •  Building and understanding family trees, including the differences of pedigree
    and family group trees, gathering accurate information, understanding and
    analyzing relationships. 
  • Finding records to aid in your research using the census, birth, death,
    marriage, etc. Heritage quest, Family Search,, Ancestry and
  •  Understanding and analyzing your DNA matches uncovers what you might find after
    you DNA test. Several testing companies are featured and matches lists
    discussed in this fun and informative program. 
  • DNA and its use in genealogical research. This program highlights the
    understanding of genetic genealogy for use in your research of your family. 

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