Library Presentations and Learning Programs

My goals include informative and interesting programs, set up to teach library patrons to navigate the exciting world of DNA testing, information and family trees.

1) DNA Testing companies Pros and Cons, Costs and Features, I will cover Y-DNA testing and mitochondrial DNA testing as well as autosomal testing. I would go over the differences, pros, and cons of each type of testing, analysis of data, pricing, and subscription costs.

2) Building and understanding family trees, including the differences of pedigree and family group trees, gathering accurate information, understanding, and analyzing relationships

3) Finding records to aid in your research using the census, birth, death, marriage, etc. Heritage quest, Family Search,, Ancestry and more.

4) DNA and its use in genealogical research. This program highlights the understanding of genetic genealogy for use in your research of your family. I will cover using your DNA matches to enlarge your family tree.

5) Ethnicity and Migration, this program covers information about ethnicity and migration, family name changes and family names sequences.

6) Adoption and the search for biological family I will uncover ideas and tools to use to search for biological family including adoption agencies, applying for information. DNA testing and research.

7) The US Federal Census, I will discuss the US census including the data that was collected by the census takers, the changes made and ways to use the information for your genealogical research. This is an updated program to cover the recently released 1950 census.


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